Friday, 9 September 2011

from Paris with love

It's kind of depressing that when i have to study maths, my sister is exploring Paris.
Depressing for me, not for her, of course.
To make me more jealous, she sends me photos from many charming places. 
Okey, to be honest, i love moments when i open my email box and find photos from her. She unfortunately took an old camera, so quality of those photos isn't the greatest, but i like them very much anyway.
I would really like to visit her in November, but i don't if it is possible because of my school.
Well, we'll see...
So, let's go back to the reality- thanks God it's Friday! This week was very tiring, so i'm going to meet my friends from old school. Because of weather which isn't very good, we'll probably go to cafe.

1 comment:

  1. that's alright, you will get something out of the maths thing that you did and someday, you will go to paris. Never been there myself.
    Old caaaaaaameraaa how awesome, post her pictures up, would love to see.